Saturday, March 22, 2014

Toothaches, Tumors, and Cabbage

The first time I used cabbage on a toothache, it hit me like the kick of a mule. I took 800 mg of ibuprofen, and then put a piece of cabbage about 2 inches wide on the nearest cheek, binding it with a 2 inch Ace bandage, chin to crown. The pain immediately began to lessen, and in the morning, it was gone. I used cabbage on and off for several days whenever it got sore, until I saw a dentist who said that I needed a root canal and wanted to give me antibiotics for a week first to reduce the infection. I told him that I had my own antibiotics; I would keep cabbage on the cheek and garlic oil in the nearest ear (more on garlic oil later); and I would see him in a week.
The cabbage poultice would stay on my head only when I was awake. (Years later, I figured out how to keep one on when sleeping, by putting a tight stocking cap over it.) Within the week the infection was practically gone, and cabbage had kept me pain-free for 11 days. I used ibuprofen only on that first mule-kick.
This has been repeated by me and others. A toothache can be stopped and killed, but the damaged tooth will keep getting infected until it is drilled and filled or pulled. Toothache occurs when the rot in a cavity has reached a nerve; it usually requires a root canal.
The only time I used cabbage to reduce a tumor was when my late husband was undergoing whole-brain radiation after having an egg-sized melanoma tumor removed from his head. There was another egg-sized tumor in his thigh that the doctors could feel, but they decided to leave that one for chemotherapy, to begin the following month. The leg hurt; I put cabbage on it, and kept doing so whenever it hurt. (He ate slippery elm and applesauce to keep the radiation from hurting his gut.) By the end of that month, when he went to see the chemo specialist, the tumor in his thigh could not be found.
He began the chemotherapy, which was worse on his system than most people; where most get diarrhea, he got constipated. Neither cabbage nor slippery elm would relieve the pain nor move his bowels; it took mineral oil.  His belly filled with tumors, most likely caused by the chemo, that cabbage could not touch. He died within 6 months of starting chemo, after 3 treatments in three months.
If I ever get cancer, I'll eat a lot of sauerkraut and coleslaw and put cabbage poultice on anything that hurts (Rycke's Remedies: If it hurts, put cabbage on it). And I'll eat a lot of apricot pits and cashews, but I eat a lot of cashews now. See World Without Cancer, the movie or the book, about vitamin B17.

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